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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids Day

Was asked if I would assist today at a kids event in the Town Hall and agreed.

It was quite interesting as the local primary school, sent along 50 kids with their teachers for a lesson on local government. The kids were addressed by Kiko, Candido and Ana who explained the workings of the Town Hall and the structure of government in Spain. The Polizia Local also were present and did a presentation on their roles. After questions from the kids, some quite difficult ones, they elected their own council and pretended to hold a plenary session with discussion and votes. They seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe it was because they all got a big bag of sweets after.

We apparently as a Town Hall have to entertain a meeting of all the Mayors and Deputy Mayors from all the Town Halls of the Mancomunidad of Almanzora on Friday. Hope I can make it but may be busy with the Post boxes if Matt and I cannot get the locks changed tomorrow which now seems unlikely.

I did pass the latest list of non functioning street lights to Candido.

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