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Friday, December 2, 2011

Governing Councillors Meeting

Ana, who is standing in for Kiko whilst he is off injured, called a meeting today for the councillors of the coalition for 1.0pm today. I was already going to be in the office today due to a new list of random checks from the Padron list needing to be done. ( see below).

Our meeting started at 1.15pm and Ana had quite a list of issues for us to discuss. I was obviously hampered by not having Andreas with me, due to him being on paternity leave. It therefore made it very hard work for me to keep up in understanding what was being said. I managed for most of the meeting but towards the end when tempers and arguments became more heated and the speed of conversation increased I lost it. So I will have to catch up later. In the main we were in agreement with what to discuss and progress at the next Pleno but there was obvious disagreements about some of our projects towards the end, although I believe the mini golf (amongst other things) is going ahead. I left at just before 3.0pm.

Regarding the Padron list (this is a random list generated by the Junta every 6-12 months which each Town Hall is sent for verification that those named should still be on the Padron, for funding purposes) I have managed to contact most of the people on the list however, those named (surname first) below I was unable to contact, or I am unsure whether they will get my message. If you know of any of the people please ask them (if they still have a property here) to pop into the Town Hall with their NIE or passport to confirm that they should still be on the padron, when next they are passing.
Aldridge Pamela Mary,Arnold David John, Baber Karen Ann, Barr Natalie Helen, Bunting Adele, Calway Ann, Coxon Lee John, Chick Noel, Dodsworth Stephen John & Julie, Gillam Peter Anthony, Goulder Micheal Richard, Hartley Christopher John & Sarah, Hembery Anthony Michael& Jennifer, Hodgkiss Melvin George & Yvonne, Holmes Richard Anthony, Jeffcott Dorothy, Kerswell Peter John &Valerie, McCarthy Susan, McGrory Daniel, MacPherson Jamie Richard, Miller Beryl Anne & David, Morgan Deborah Jane & Keith, Neal Margaret Ellen & Robert, Payne Anthony Ronald & Sharon, Reld Peter Derrick, Senior Jack,&Cynthia, Scott Dawn Patricia & Paul, Thomas Donald Sean & Rachel, Trimby Joan & John. Apologies if these people have already been contacted (as I discovered whilst going through my list that 20% I had already contacted!)

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