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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mayor Update

Attended the Remembrance day service at the church in Zurgena yesterday. Felt sorry for Mick Gardiner and his team as the priest could not attend, due to an emergency, but they managed very well. There was a good turnout and I attended with Candido (representing PA) and Sampo (representing PP). Received an update on Kiko's state of treatment. He has had to have 3 titanium plates inserted in his arm and shoulders, which shows the severity of the injuries he sustained.

I have been contacting a number of people whose names were sent by the Junta to confirm they are still owners of or residents of property entitled to be on the padron. A few who I was unable to speak to directly I left messages on their phones. So if you get a garbled message from me it was probably just asking you to call into the Town Hall with passprot or NIE to confirm that you should still be on the padron. One name I was unable to contact was Leonard Mason of Calle Narciso. If you know Mr Mason please ask him to pop into the TH.

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