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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Council Communications

Our new Mayor has decided to run a regular column in the local press regarding TH activities and I think this is a great idea which should help us all. I have not yet and, due to his accident, may not for some time be able to discuss with him the best way to ensure that we don't duplicate or worse give differing versions of activities etc within the Town Hall. We are also working on making the Town Hall website much more informative.

In order that we don't stand on each others toes I will continue to act as your councillor and raise issues that are of importance with the appropriate councillor/s. I will also feed back, through this site, information which I feel is worthwhile communicating. This will be in addition to any information which Kiko wishes to communicate.

To that end (and only because someone outside of the council took the time to tell me, thats another issue) I can let you know that there is a meeting organised for Friday evening 18th November at the Town Hall at 4.0pm entitled  Learn your rights as a utilities consumer. To learn more about various issues relating to water, electricity & gas services. I understand that this has been organised by Sampo and John Hare. I do not have any more information on this but if you have any queries regarding this let me know and I will pass on to Sampo or John.

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