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Friday, July 14, 2017

Complaints regarding Electricity Cuts

I am grateful to Ron Tims for the below response (from Fenie Energy) regarding a complaint about electricity supply cuts. Interesting

In relation to your previous e-mail, we inform you that we are only responsible for billing you, the company that is in charge of the electric network in the area is your distributor (ENDESA DISTRIBUCIÓN).

If there is a scheduled cut, they usually warn you through posters on the street or in your building.

If a breakdown occurs, it is not possible to notify customers so that they have to wait until it is resolved.

In any case we recommend that when you do not have electricity, always call 900.215.470.

Then, we send you the ways to complain:

1- Claim through your insurance. We will send you a breakdown locator code (data provided by your distributor company) to identify the incident date / time and then compensate for it.

2- Claim directly to your zone distributor. In this case, we will send you a document to fill in all the damage data and the damage produced. Once it is returned we will process the complaint. This process is the slowest since the distributor could take months to give us an answer.

Finally, we inform you that if it was a scheduled cut, the distributor could qualify the claim as improper as it has been warned by posters in the area or in the local press.

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