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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stray Dogs and Cats

It seems that problems with animals pose more of an issue across the world than almost anything else!

40 years ago as a uniform sergeant I had to represent the Police and the Council of Wakefield at an annual meeting at which residents were encouraged to raise their community issues and concerns, such as crime, antisocial behaviour etc. Rather surprisingly to me the issues raised were all about dogs and cats! Now here I am 40 years later and guess what - same things.

Over the past 2 weeks we have received a number of complaints particularly about stray dogs in 3 separate areas. It would appear that in some cases individuals are feeding these dogs which of course encourages them to stay in the area they are being fed in, which is residential. This can and does seem to give rise to complaints.

The process for the Town Hall is that when we receive a complaint we send the Police to try and check if the animals are microchipped (which is why we bought them a microchip reader) in which case the owner can be traced and made responsible. If the dog is not chipped then the Police can seize it or we can call in the pound staff to seize it. Of course this can be expensive for such a small town as if they cannot find or catch the dog we still get charged. On the last 3 occasions we have despatched the Police to check stray dogs twice they have been unable to check if microchipped and only once managed to seize 2 alsatians.

May we ask that people desist from feeding stray dogs in residential areas please.

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