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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Correos Problem

I have received this from Mike Foulkes regarding the delivery of mail through he Spanish Correos.

Can you put something on your blog about the correo office. I can't get round
to everybody and with no return address on it's impossible to know where
they come from
They have suddenly started NOT POSTING cards and letters which
have insufficient postage on them.

They keep them in the post office for a couple of weeks and heaven knows what
happens to them after that.

People buy stamps from the TABAC and assume that one stamp with the King's
head on it will see it safely through to its destination....NOT CORRECT

People who recently posted letters with one stamp on will be able to go to the correo office in Zurgena
where the cards are sitting and pay the excess to see it safely on its way or risk losing it.

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