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Friday, July 8, 2016

Mobile Phone Application Launch

The Town Hall of Zurgena is pleased to announce the release of a new english language mobile phone application for smartphones. 
If you have an iPhone or an android you can now download for free a most useful application for residents and visitors to Zurgena.
The application has a number of helpful features and this will be added to in the future.
The application has a page on all the latest news from the Town Hall, a diary of events in the municipality, a directory of places, announcements, photographs of the Town Hall staff and of all the councillors with their roles.
There is a list of local businesses both English and Spanish. There are places to visit or where to go to eat or drink. A list of associations and sports clubs etc.
In addition to these articles there are two outstanding and important features. 
The first of these is an ´Urban Incidents´page. On this page you can report anything you think the Town Hall needs to attend to or be aware of. It is a simple system which allows you to fill out an online form and attach a photo or video and this message is then transmitted to the appropriate councillor.
The second important feature of the application is a push notification system which allows the Town Hall to communicate with its citizens information of a general or urgent nature. This will be particularly helpful in the event of major incidents.
I would recommend all citizens download the application which can obtained at the iTunes store or google play store. 
The name of the application is ´Living Zurgena´.
Get connected and stay connected to your Zurgena Town Hall. 
Download the app.
If you have a business or something you wish to be considered for inclusion on the application please contact Jim Simpson 610194260 or email
Spanish language version is at Vive Zurgena

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